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Jim DePalma

Jim DePalma graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from Bentley College in 1973. He began his career that same year with his acceptance of a position at the Big eight accounting firm Coopers and Lybrand. At Coopers, his work concentration included operations consulting, corporate transactions (divestitures, acquisitions, mergers, etc.), and process management. His industry specializations included defense and communications.

Jim DePalma
Jim DePalma

Jim DePalma spent 22 years in the public accounting sector, ultimately advancing to Senior Partner level. He transitioned to private industry by joining Westinghouse Electric, where he held several executive positions. His time at Westinghouse matched two crucial points in the company’s long history: First was its purchase of the CBS television network in 1997, and second, Viacoms 1999 purchase of Westinghouse itself. With the Viacom acquistion, Mr. DePalma joined CBS MarketWatch, ultimately serving as a director.

Of particular note during Mr DePalma’s tenure at Westinghouse was the growth of its market cap, which was $3 billion upon his arrival at the company, rising to $50 billion in 1999..

In 2001, Jim DePalma joined Core and L-3. In addition, he served as a Communications Consultant and CEO at Core Software Technologies through 2006.

In August of 2006, he joined Morpho Trust USA EVP and Corporate Treasurer. Morpho was an advanced identity verification solutions provider for Federal agencies, as Executive Vice President and Treasurer.

Since 2011, Jim DePalma has served as Vice Chairman/Managing Partner of Aston Capital Partners GP, LLC, an investment management firm offering trading and hedge fund management services for individual and institutional investors.